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18-Wheeler Accident Claims One Life

According to San Angelo Live, around 5 PM Thursday evening, a car crash between an SUV and an 18-wheeler on Interstate 20 claimed the life of one victim. The accident occurred in the big spring area. However, authorities have not released the identity of the person killed in the crash. Officials are waiting to release the identity until they are able to contact first of kin. Little is known about this accident as of yet and there are practically no details that have been released such as what caused this fatal crash.

With so little information given by investigators, one can only speculate why the accident occurred. Commercial vehicles can cause a massive amount of damage to a personal car since they are so much more substantial. This reason is why it is essential to make sure to get 18 wheelers their space and to pay close attention not to dart in front of them and slam on your brakes since they cannot stop as quickly as a passenger vehicle. It is true that they are much more slow-moving when they initially take off which often irritates and frustrates passenger car drivers. It may be best just to take a deep breath and gather patience so that your driving does not become erratic. 18 wheelers are so large they often have a difficult time seeing passenger cars, too. As frustrating as it may seem, giving them some extra room may help you to avoid a deadly wreck.

18-wheeler drivers, however, are sometimes at fault for the accident. They are prone to distractions while behind the wheel such as their cell phone or eating just like everyone else. These cause problems because if they veer out of their lane and quickly try to jerk back, they run a higher risk of losing control of their truck than a passenger car would.

18 – Wheeler Crash Attorney in Abilene, Texas

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