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Child Support

Child Support Attorneys in Abilene. Child support is one of the most important aspects of any child custody case. Each child support case is different and requires and deserves the complete attention of an attorney well versed in the child support laws of the state in which they practice. The Texas Family Code defines the specifics regarding payment of child support. Payment of Child Support in Texas is based on a formula that includes both the income of the obligor (parent responsible for child support payments) as well as the number of children. In general, the obligor must pay 20% of his/her net income for 1 child, 25% for 2 children and so forth. If the obligor has children with another parent, those percentages may be reduced.

Child Support is complex and is specific to each State. It is imperative to have an experienced, Child Support Attorney in the State in which your case is held.

The Child Support Lawyers at the Galbreath Law Firm are knowledgeable and experienced in Child Support as well as all areas of Texas Family Law. Child support payments are usually a part of a divorce. However, child support can also be needed and ordered if the parents have chosen to not be married. In some cases, child support may be modified at a later date if there are significant changes in the obligor's income.

The Child Support Attorneys at the Galbreath Law Firm are familiar with all of the complexities and variable of child support concerns. They are here to help you and your children and will do so with the attention, compassion and integrity that Child support and all Family Law matters deserve.

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