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Company Recalls Medication over Cancer Concerns

An unacceptable level of N-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA) is the reason a pharmaceutical company is recalling two more lots of Losartan potassium tablets and increasing the total number of lots to ten. Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited voluntarily recalled the blood pressure medication after it was detected to have trace amounts of this cancer-causing chemical. The amounts are at unacceptable daily intake levels according to the Food and Drug Administration. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) considers NDEA as a probable carcinogenic chemical to human beings and can be found in drinking water, air pollution, and some types of foods. 

Torrent hasn’t been notified of anyone who has suffered and bad side effects due to taking the pills in question. However, people who are taking the medication are urged to continue to take it since the negative effects of abruptly discontinuing use could outweigh the increased levels of NDEA. If you would like to see a list of all the details regarding the identification of the recalled pills, you can click this link

Defective and Dangerous Products

Most manufacturers don’t set out to make a dangerous product. There are some things like chainsaws, kitchen knives, and firearms and they are dangerous by design and if misused, can result in injury. However, when a product, even a kitchen knife, has a design flaw, you can find yourself in harm’s way even if you are using it as the knife was intended to be used. Beyond dangerous medical drugs, almost anything can be dangerous if there is fundamental manufacturing or design flaws involved. Car seats, automobiles, and even kids toys have been recalled by the millions because something about the product was considered harmful to a consumer. In the end, if you are harmed by something you purchased, you may be able to seek compensation for your own or your family’s injuries and hold the company, manufacturer or the distributor liable. 

There is no federal law regarding product liability and so the laws may vary by state to state. When pursuing a case, you will want to have someone who is familiar with the law. It’s in your best interest to have a product liability lawyer with experience and drive. The Galbreath Law Firm has helped numerous people get the compensation they deserved and we want to help you.

Abilene Dangerous Product Lawyer

When you put your trust in something that was sold to you and you or a member of your family are injured by it, those injuries can take a toll. Unexpected medical bills and lost wages from work can make it tough to provide for your family. It’s for this reason that companies should be held liable for their design flaws, improper warnings, or other reasons that end in adverse effects. If you have suffered an injury due to a dangerous product, contact us and let us talk to you about your potential case. We offer a free initial consultation and we work on a contingency fee basis so there is no financial risk to you if you choose to use us to pursue any action. Don’t delay and reach out to us today.