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Cow is the Cause of Deadly Automobile Accident

An article released on December 4th, 2017, stated that a woman from Winters, TX was involved in a deadly crash in Runnels County on Thursday night. Initial reports indicate that a stray cow may the potential cause of the fiery crash that claimed Doris Jean Morrison’s life. The 48-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident on U.S. Highway 83. The crash occurred just north of Winters at about 11:30 at night, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s report. The report also said that Morrison was traveling southbound when an 18-wheeler hit the cow that was in the roadway. This action caused the driver of the semi to lose control and strike Morrison’s vehicle. The resulting crash caused both vehicles to ignite. DPS is still investigating the cause of the accident. No one else was reported to have been injured in the wreck. 

Loose Livestock and 18-Wheeler Accidents

There is a fair bit to talk about when it comes to this tragic accident. If the assumptions of the DPS are correct, the cause of this accident might be tied to the stray animal. This is where things get tricky. Certain areas of Texas may be subject to different laws surrounding the fence or open range laws that deal with livestock. After an accident that involves a large animal like a horse, donkey, emu, or cow, you might want to talk to a lawyer about your options when it comes to seeking compensation for your injuries and damages. At the Galbreath Law Firm, we have the knowledge to help you with your potential case. We can look into the details of the incident and help gather evidence while you focus on your recovery. Accidents can cause a lot of different financial repercussions that can have a lasting effect on your ability to provide for yourself and your family. Mounting medical bills and loss of income can go hand in hand with a particularly severe crash. The last thing you would want is to be stuck paying for things that were not your fault. 

In the unfortunate event of loss of life after a wreck, final expenses for your loved one can become overwhelming. If the decedent was responsible for the majority of your family’s income, you might be wondering what you will do, and your children’s future may become unsecured. This harsh reality can leave people full of fear and doubt. We would do our best to help remove that fear from your lives and help you to resecure the future of you and your family. 

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Dealing with the legal system can be an overwhelming hassle. We offer our services with pride and dedication to our potential clients so that you can focus on your recovery while we handle the legal aspects. We will work hard to do our best to get you a favorable outcome. We offer a free initial consultation for you to speak with a member of our team about the details of your accident. This discussion will help us to evaluate your potential case and let us see if we can be of service to you. Helping injured Texans is what we are all about, and we don’t get paid unless we bring a check to the table. Contact us today if you have experienced a truck wreck that was not your fault.