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Have you been arrested in the Big Country? It is important for you to speak with a criminal defense attorney! 

Jeff Galbreath at the Galbreath Law firm has helped clients successfully fight charges of DWI / DUI, PROBATION VIOLATION, THEFT, and other Misdemeanor & Felony criminal charges – He can even help you get an OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE.

At the GALBREATH LAW FIRM, we understand the legal process can be confusing, that’s why JEFF GALBREATH takes the time to meet with each client to carefully explain their legal options.

JEFF GALBREATH is an aggressive lawyer who believes in protecting his client’s rights. At the GALBREATH LAW FIRM, our Goal as your Criminal Defense Attorney is to get your criminal charges DISMISSED or REDUCED as much as possible. Remember without the aid of an experienced criminal defense lawyer you stand little chance of having a successful outcome in Court.

CALL US TODAY and schedule a FREE case evaluation 325-437-7000.

NEVER take a criminal accusation lightly. A conviction of WEAPONS CHARGES, DRUGS/POSSESSION, SUSPENDED LICENSE, and other Misdemeanor & Felony charges can carry serious consequences . It is very important to have the help of a criminal defense attorney that can handle your case and prevent a life-altering conviction if possible.

At the GALBREATH LAW FIRM we have affordable prices and will work with you on payment plans, helping you get the BEST criminal defense possible. We serve the Big Country, including Abilene, Anson, Albany, Hamlin, Winters, Baird, Clyde, Tye, Tuscola, and Lawn.