How Dangerous Working in the Oilfield Industry Can Be

Anyone who has spent much time in the oil and gas industries may know how dangerous working in the oilfield industry can be. From extraction to delivery, there are so many dangers that work in the oilfields or refineries can encounter. Even though injuries and fatalities are dropping in number over time, the fact remains that people still get hurt while working to get oil. Sadly, the number of fatalities and injuries is rising over the past few years, according to statistical data. The information also indicates that 6 out of every 100 workers will miss work or be put on restricted work duties due to an injury or illness related to the job. That may not seem like it’s a big deal, but only 6% of the people get hurt. You have to ask yourself, If you are standing in a line of 100 people and they said that 6 of you will get seriously hurt, would you want to stand in that line? While there is no indication of what type of injuries or illnesses these are, we all know how most workers in the oil industry risk life and limb to earn their paychecks. 

Why are the Oilfields so Dangerous?

Indeed, this line of work isn’t nearly as dangerous as when it first began. Over the decades, with technological advances, better training, and stricter safety regulations, the number of deaths is much lower than 100 years ago. So, why is it still such a hazardous line of work? While technological improvements and safer work environments improve work conditions, human error will always be a factor. Some companies may put profits and production above the concern for the safety of their employees. Understand that an employer must maintain safe working conditions for their employees. Work may involve inherent dangers, but training and proper protective gear and tactics should be used to make the workplace as safe as possible.

dangerous working in the oilfield industry

Regretfully, as mentioned before, safety may not be every employer’s primary goal. So, you may have instances where neglectful business practices and corner-cutting result in the injury or death of an employee. Death or severe injury can cause a backlash of financial problems. While it may feel macabre to think about money after a tragedy, the fact remains that you may face severe financial distress in the aftermath of an oilfield accident.

Between final expenses, medical bills, and rehabilitation, people who have been injured or lost loved ones can be overwhelmed by what they usually wouldn’t have to deal with. In instances where another person’s negligence (for example, an employer improperly training people or overworking them) or carelessness has led to an injury, you may be able to seek compensation for your losses.

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