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Drug Charges

Drug Charges Defense Attorneys in Abilene. Drug charges of any kind are very serious. Drug charges can range from possession to manufacturing and distribution. The consequences of a conviction may be severe and so it is important to have legal representation that is professional and experienced. You have the right to legal counsel. You have rights to a fair administration of the justice system. To exercise and protect your rights, you need an attorney with experience defending drug charges.

The Drug Charges Defense Attorneys at the Galbreath Law Firm understand your rights under the Constitution of the United States of America and we will fight on your behalf to protect them. Everyone in the United States is entitled to be considered innocent until proven guilty. You may have made the mistake of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, you need a seasoned criminal defense attorney to ensure this basic right. Even if you believe in your innocence, you need protection through representation because the prosecution will be looking to prove that you are guilty.

If you are found guilty of a drug charge, you may be facing probation, court-ordered rehab, or even prison. Federal and/or State laws may apply. Each case is different but all drug charges require experienced legal counsel. If you are in any way caught up in drug charges or think you might be, you need to call the Galbreath Law Firm immediately. With our help in your corner, it may be possible to have your charge reduced or dropped altogether. The Drug Charges Attorneys at the Galbreath Law Firm is the legal team you need to have on your side. We will help explain your rights and options and help you understand how to best move forward with your case. Do not face this serious situation without the help of the Galbreath Law Firm.

The Galbreath Law Firm has been serving many clients throughout areas across the State of Texas for several years. These areas include, but are not limited to, the cities of Abilene, Sweetwater, Brownwood, Coleman, and Eastland. The counties in which we serve include, but are not limited to, Taylor County, Nolan County, Brown County, Coleman County, and Eastland County.

The Drug Charges Attorneys at the Galbreath Law Firm is located @ 4542 Loop 322 #102, Abilene, TX 79602. Initial consultations are free. You are entitled to seek your own legal representative to help you face your charges. You do not have to settle for a court-appointed lawyer.   Give our offices a call at 325-437-7000 if you are facing drug charges and you need a professional attorney.