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Impending Construction on Winters Freeway: Possible Car Accidents

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, work is scheduled to begin on a six-mile stretch of the Winters Freeway. The area that is going to be under construction will be the length between Farm to Market Road 2404 to South 7th Street. The project will begin near FM 2404 where they will start with repairs to the bridge and then move on to pavement repairs. The project is scheduled to be completed in late 2018, so we can expect several detours and lane closures as the project continues. 

The Potential for Car Wrecks and Injury

Anytime there is construction going on, there is a chance that the area can become the scene of an accident. First, there is the risk that someone could be driving carelessly by speeding or by being distracted while they operate their vehicle. These careless actions can lead to devastating accidents that may change the lives of many people. Second, there is the chance that a negligent driver can harm or kill a worker who is trying to help repair the road. Third, we must also consider the possibility that one of the construction workers who is operating the heavy machinery could potentially harm a driver or even a fellow worker. We will consider the possible car wreck scenarios in greater detail. 

Automotive Wrecks

One of the reasons why this construction and other constructions like this has the potential to be so deadly is because people are creatures of habit. They are used to driving a certain speed and going a certain way to work. What can happen is that driving may become like a muscle memory reflex and since they are not paying attention, they may inadvertently speed into the area. The lanes will be closed down, exits may not be open that people normally use, and detours may be set up. Next thing you know, a person may dangerously maneuver their vehicle because their normal route has been changed and they did not expect it. 

Distracted Driving Accidents

The wrecks could also be caused by distractions while driving. This behavior is not necessarily related to the construction but rather the work that will be going on may make this type of habit more dangerous. By now, we all may know that the seemingly biggest distraction is cell phone usage while operating a car. There are other types, as well. For instance, food and drink can be enough of a distraction. Anyone who has dropped their burrito or coffee into their lap can attest to the dangers of eating and drinking in a moving automobile. Another thing that can take a person’s attention off the road is smoking. Lighting up a cigarette for that morning drive can be habitual and the time it takes you to light the smoke may require enough concentration that for a few seconds, you aren’t focused on driving. Then there is always the potential for a dropped cigarette. 

These examples are just a few of the ways that things can go wrong and when you factor in lane closures and narrower roads, the potential for disaster is even higher. Perhaps making a conscious effort to focus while driving in construction may help keep everyone safer. The only problem is that not everyone on the road may share our concern for safety. 

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