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18-Wheeler Closes Down Interstate

According to the Big Country Homepage, an 18-wheeler jackknifed on Interstate 20 recently and caused all lanes to be shut down and traffic headed west to divert. The accident occurred around 9:30 a.m. near mile marker 287. The truck driver told police that his brakes locked up, which caused him to jackknife and end up in the median. All westbound lanes were closed. All traffic was diverted off the interstate and onto the access road at the 287 exit. This accident is reported to have caused multiple crashes due to the backup.  Authorities were unsure of the length of time the interstate would be closed because of the cleanup. Fortunately, no injuries were reported due to the initial 18-wheeler accident.

18-Wheeler Accidents

This accident is a classic example of the unpredictability of driving. This truck driver was, more than likely, merely doing what he does every day and hitting his usual route. Even the most mundane or routine of days can have unexpected events. That is why it is so important to pay close attention while you are driving so that you may be able to avoid an accident. Even though it may not be your fault doesn’t mean that you cannot prevent it. The driver in this story had no fault in this accident, but the accident still could have seriously injured or even killed someone. You never know when something could go wrong on the road. So always be vigilant and never become too comfortable while driving.  

18-Wheeler Accident Attorney in Abilene, Texas

Sometimes, people are fortunate in car accidents and can walk away uninjured, but sometimes, accidents have much more tragic results. The victims of car accidents usually require a hospital stay, which can become very pricey depending on the length of stay and the necessary treatment. Even people with insurance can become quickly overwhelmed with the cost of treatment. Even the most basic procedure can run very expensive.

If you have been the victim of a car accident and are looking for an attorney to help you get what may be owed, contact us at Galbreath Law Firm for an evaluation. We will fight to get you a favorable outcome.