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Pedestrian Involved Accident Leaves Man in Critical Condition

Big Country Homepage published an article about an unidentified man who was left in critical condition after being hit by a car. The pedestrian was struck at the intersection of South San Jose Drive and Waldemar Street. According to Abilene police, the man was hit around 5 in the morning on Friday, December 15th. The man needed emergency surgery is was in critical condition as of the writing of this article. No other details were given about the cause of the accident. 

Pedestrian Accidents

Someone reading this article may be wondering why a person would be walking at that hour, but people walk for several reasons. Some people do it for fun and others do it to get a bit of exercise. Other people may be walking because they want to save money and they live close enough to where they work. Maybe, they had some car trouble and they couldn’t reach any help. No matter what the reason, you should be able to walk safely without fear of being hit. 

There are some guidelines that may help you when you are taking a stroll. Walk on the sidewalk or off the road. Face traffic when walking so that there are no surprises coming behind you. When crossing the street, use a crosswalk or cross at an intersection. Also, when crossing the street, look both ways and if there is a vehicle stopped, watch the person in that car and try to make eye contact so they know you are there. Sadly, lots of time, people will take the opportunity to look at their cell phone when stopped at an intersection. This action may lead to accidents with pedestrians because drivers are distracted by their phones. If you are walking at night, wear light-colored clothing or something reflective. You may also want to have a flashlight with you. 

The world isn’t a perfect place and while these tips can help to keep you from harm’s way, they are not a guarantee of safety. In the end, a person’s careless or negligent actions can result in tragedy. Like with this story above, the man is in critical condition. While there is no evidence in this story that states the fault of the accident in the driver’s, often enough, pedestrian accidents are caused by the person operating the vehicle. 

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Abilene, TX

Accidents happen, that’s true. However, just because an accident wasn’t a planned event it doesn’t mean that the person responsible can’t be held liable for their actions. Medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses can pile up while you are recovering from the accident. Galbreath Law Firm offers a free initial consultation so you have a risk-free opportunity to talk with us about your potential case. Let us help you so you can focus on your recovery while we take care of the legal aspects of your claim.