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The Holiday Season is Upon Us!

It is that time of the year again, and you may be wondering where the time has gone. It’s time to hang out with relatives that we may or may not want to hang out with. It may also be time to have a few days off work here and there for the next couple of months. For some of us, we may be planning on sticking around close to where we live, but for others, this season requires a lot of driving. Not to get too cynical about the holiday season, but even if you don’t consider the distance that you have to travel very far, you will still be on a busy road with many more travelers than usual. With an increase in people on the highways, the risk of car accidents is going to rise. 

Distracted Driving

During the holiday season people are usually trying to get to a gathering of some sort, and so communication may be at the forefront of people’s minds while they travel. As such, distracted driving accidents may be on the incline as people try to let their families know how far along they are when they are traveling. Cellphones aren’t the only thing that can become a distraction. Pretty much anything that can take your eyes off the road for an extended period can be considered a distraction. Food, rowdy children, drinks, and other things along those lines can take one’s eyes off the road just long enough to miss something. That something could be a stopped vehicle, a red light, or a missed exit. When traveling this year, play it safe and if you don’t have anyone to text for you, pull over to text or call. 

Drunk Driving Accidents

Some people like to do some drinking around the holidays and with the amount of driving that will be going on, there may be a significantly higher chance to encounter a drunk driver. This chance may be particularly high on New Year’s Eve. If you are planning on going to a party and drinking alcohol, then you may want to spend a bit of time preparing for a safe return home. Just a small amount of forethought may help keep you and other people on the road a bit safer this year. 

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Abilene, TX/Car Accident Lawyer in Abilene, TX

Some accidents can be a minor annoyance where your car may have to spend a few days in the shop, or they can be life-changing experiences where you lose family members. Death in the family can be a terrible thing to handle. The difficulty of dealing with that loss can become even worse when it is something abrupt that causes the death. If a person’s negligent actions hurt or ended the life of you or one of your family members, you may be able to seek compensation for your losses. Contact us if you think you may have a case of wrongful death. We offer a free case evaluation to listen to your accident and see if we may be able to help you.