The Most Dangerous Places To Drive In America

We all know navigating bustling urban areas can be stressful for drivers. However, statistics reveal that the most dangerous places to drive in America are actually country roads. Numerous rural roads suffer from a combination of inadequate lighting, subpar maintenance, intricate twists and turns, narrow stretches, and heavy truck traffic, presenting a perilous scenario. In certain regions, speed limits are substantially higher, contributing to a surge in both the frequency and severity of collisions.

So, which parts of the country are the most dangerous for drivers?

The Most Dangerous Areas for Driving

Based on 20 years’ worth of fatal crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Texas, Arizona, Utah, Alabama, Montana, South Carolina, and Mississippi all make the list for the most dangerous states to drive in with the ten most dangerous counties as follows:

  1.  La Paz County, AZ
  2. Tunica County, MS
  3. Lowndes County, AL
  4. Leon County, TX
  5. Big Horn County, MT
  6. Reeves County, TX
  7. Millard County, UT
  8. Emery County, UT
  9. Conecuh County, AL
  10. Jasper County, SC

As you can see, two of the most dangerous places to drive in America are counties in Texas, which take the number 4 and 6 spot on this list.

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