Top 3 Causes of Truck Accidents 

Any accident on the road is a scary experience, but accidents that involve trucks can be even more frightening because of the size of the vehicles involved. An accident can also severely impact the truck driver’s livelihood, making it difficult or impossible for them to drive again. The good news is that accidents can be prevented when you know what they are. According to an Odessa truck accident lawyer, here are the Top Three Causes of Truck Accidents.

The Driver Made the Wrong Decision

In one study, 38 percent of the accidents cataloged were due to the driver making the wrong decision behind the wheel. It was the number one cause of an accident in the study.

Decisions include:

  • Driving too fast for the road conditions.
  • Misjudging the speed of other vehicles.
  • Following other cars and trucks too closely.

Odessa lawyers would see fewer accidents if truckers drove with abundant caution and avoided making potentially risky decisions whenever possible.

The Driver Was Inattentive

It’s easy for drivers to get distracted on the road. From a ringing cell phone to something falling in between the seats, our Odessa truck accident lawyer sees many accidents due to driver inattention. Always keep your eyes on the road. Pull over first if you need to check your phone or retrieve something that fell out of reach.

The Driver Failed to Perform

Failing to perform behind the wheel includes experiencing a medical emergency, like a heart attack or a seizure. Those are emergencies that can’t be helped at the moment, but an Odessa truck accident lawyer wants you to know failing to perform also includes things that can be helped, like falling asleep behind the wheel. Our Odessa lawyers always recommend pulling over at the first sign of fatigue to prevent a potential accident. Regular checkups with your doctor can help uncover medical conditions you may need to be aware of while you’re behind the wheel.

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