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Traffic Backed Up on I-20 by 3-Car Accident

On the 15th of March, a car accident involving three vehicles happened along I-20 slowed travel for others in the eastbound lanes. The accident happened in Nolan County near mile marker 249.  Luckily, authorities reported that no one was injured in the wreck. No information was given as to what caused the accident. 

Slowed or Stopped Traffic on the Highway

If you have ever come across a wreck while you are driving on the highway and you had to stop suddenly or slow down to a crawl, you may have felt a little vulnerable. While the details are sparse regarding the story mentioned above, at least no one was harmed during the whole ordeal. All too often, we hear about car accidents where traffic was backed up on a busy road. When you come up on backed up traffic, it can catch you off guard if you aren’t speeding. One instance in particular, I remember cresting a hill and vehicles were stopped because of a wreck, and luckily, I was able to brake in time. As I sat there, I decided that just over a hill may to be the safest place to stop so I pulled over onto the shoulder to park and turned on my emergency blinkers. If I had not been paying enough attention, the situation could have been much different. 

As we all know, there are many risks involved while driving. Another time where drivers may feel vulnerable is when they have to pull over to the side of the road to fix a flat or something else. More times than you would want to, you hear about someone who was hurt or killed by another driver who wasn’t paying attention and hit them while they were parked on the shoulder. That’s the sad fact about car accidents. They can happen in the blink of an eye and change the lives of those involved forever. In just a moment, you could sustain an injury that leaves you in the hospital for several weeks or longer and with an even longer rehabilitation. That’s a lot to think about. Bills start piling up from missing work and lost wages. You may even wonder if you can get back to work and earn the same income as before. No matter how much you prepare for something like that, it may not be enough. 

Car Accident Injury Attorney in Abilene, TX

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