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Train Derailment in Longview TX

According to an article by the Big Country Homepage, nine train cars derailed at a Union Pacific train yard and Longview, TX. The derailed cars kept cleanup crews busy Monday morning as they worked at the scene between two streets. Luckily, the ordeal didn’t block any of the nearby streets.  A Spokesperson for the company said that the accident happened around 3:45 in the morning on Sunday. She also stated that one of the locomotives derailed in an upright position. In the end, no hazardous chemicals or liquids spilled out and they are still investigating the cause of everything. 

Train Accidents

Most of the time, when you hear about an accident involving a train, it involves a derailment or a collision with a pedestrian or vehicle. While train accidents are much more rare than car crashes, they still happen.  In 2017, 1760 total accidents happened that involved trains. Of those, there were only 14 fatalities and 315 injuries. Those numbers may seem low, but they fluctuate quite a bit from year to year. 1980 saw over 8,000 train accidents that year. 

While the numbers may go up and down, one thing remains certain. Railroads are private property. Now the current trend is to get on the tracks and take pictures for a photo shoot, but you are risking your life to do so. A railroad may seem like a good place to walk, but if you are technically trespassing if you walk there. Another cause of accidents is when people disregard the warnings at crossings. Either impatience or running late causes people to try and go around or under the arms of the warning signs. It may look like most of these accidents are the fault of the drivers or pedestrians, but there may be certain circumstances where it’s not. For instance, a malfunction of the warning equipment could cause a driver to think it’s ok to cross and it really isn’t safe. Also, the crossing may not be properly marked or, like in the article, the train can come off its tracks. Luckily no one got hurt in that accident, but that may not always be the case. 

Train Accident Lawyer in Abilene, TX

Anyone who lives in Abilene knows there are a lot of trains that move through the city on a daily basis. Getting hit by one of those massive machines could seriously injure or kill someone with ease. Grievous injuries require lots of time from which to recover and you may find yourself unable to work for an extended time or possibly for the rest of your life. If you have been injured in a situation like this The Galbreath Law Firm is here to help you. We offer a free primary consultation and we work off a contingency fee basis. What this means for you is that there is little or no financial risk to seek our services. Contact us today if you are looking for an experienced personal injury lawyer.