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Unlawful Weapons Charges

Defense Attorneys in Abilene. Unlawful carrying of weapons charges are exceedingly serious and complicated. These charges involve State and Federal criminal laws and may involve any number of governmental agencies. The current environment in this country is such that prosecutors are often overzealous in their attempt to prove themselves tough on weapons related crimes. You cannot afford to hesitate to obtain the counsel of an attorney well versed in the complexities of an unlawful carrying of a weapon charge. The Galbreath Law Firm fully believes in your right to obtain legal counsel to help face your charges. 

Unlawful carrying a weapon charge or investigation may arise in several ways including but not limited to: carrying a concealed and/or unregistered weapon, being in possession of an assault or modified weapon, explosives, carrying illegal items in any secure area such as airports and some government buildings and unlawfully discharging a weapon in a prohibited area. There are many ways that you may come face to face with a weapons charge since there are so many different laws and regulations. One simple mistake could become very costly to you and could hold lasting repercussions for you and your family.  

The Unlawful Weapons Defense Attorneys at the Galbreath Law Firm will utilize their knowledge and experience as criminal defense attorneys to ensure that your rights are protected. Make no mistake; this is a serious charge with serious consequences. You are innocent until proven guilty. You are entitled to the protection of your rights. If you are the subject of an unlawful weapons investigation or have been charged, call the Unlawful Weapons Charges Attorneys at the Galbreath Law Firm immediately. Let them speak for you. You will in no way benefit from speaking for yourself and you have every right to seek out professional and experienced legal counsel. We will fight on your behalf as we attempt to help get your charges reduced or even dropped.  

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