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Bikers Ride to Promote Motorcycle Accident Awareness

Motorcycle awareness is something that gets a lot of attention, yet still tends to be overlooked by many drivers. Not all of us are motorcyclists which makes it somewhat difficult for us to fully comprehend the dangers and the problems that motorcyclists face while driving on roads with passenger vehicles and 18 wheelers. As a passenger car driver, we can know because we probably experienced how difficult it can be to see motorcyclists. However, it is hard for us to imagine how scary it is for them. Not only do they have to contend with being hit by other motor vehicles, but they also have to be careful because it is much easier for them to swerve out of control or for them to crash by hitting some debris in the road that many of us can casually drive over. There is some scientific reasoning for why drivers sometimes find it difficult to see cyclists in general. It has to do with how our eyes work and our perceptions. Basically, since you are so used to seeing cars and other full-sized vehicles, This reason is one of many that led over 100 bikers to ride through Abilene from Taylor County Expo Center to Kent’s Harley-Davidson in South Abilene, according to an article by Big Country Homepage

They did this in an effort to help promote awareness of the importance for drivers to share the road with motorcycles. Now, these motorcyclists are the ones who abide by all of the same traffic laws that passenger cars do. Sadly, not all motorcyclists do abide by traffic laws. For example, many of them shoot gaps, grow impatient sitting in traffic and ride up the shoulder to get ahead of everyone, and we’ve in and out of vehicles going 80 or 90 mph. For these types of motorcyclists, no amount of road sharing or motorcycle awareness is going to help. People who break the law in any vehicle may be putting themselves and others at risk. However, these types of motorcyclists do not define all motorcyclists, but many people may view them as the majority of bike riders. Many motorcycle drivers are safe and abide by all traffic laws and have every intention of getting to their destination in one piece just the same as any passenger car driver. Unfortunately, as safe as you can try to be there will always be negligent drivers on the road. 

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