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Eastland County Fire Destroys Three Structures

On July 6, 2018, Big Country News reported that two houses and one other building were destroyed in a grass fire on July 4 close to Olden, Texas. The Eastland County Fire Department responded to the fire in the evening after one home, that was unoccupied, was already completely engulfed by the fire. Another home was soon consumed by the flames as well as another structure that is believed to be a trailer. The fire was so far out of control that the Texas Forest Service actually assisted in combating the flame by diverting airpower. This helped to contain the fire after over an hour fight with. Two other homes were actually under threat of being caught on fire but were able to be saved by the crews on the ground. This fire claimed approximately 50 acres of land, but thankfully no injuries were reported.

Unknown Cause of the Fire

The exact cause of this fire is still unknown at this point. One report, however, does state that a bottle rocket may have been responsible. This is a very common problem around the 4th of July. We are currently in a drought and everything is very dry. Yet the tradition on the fourth is to light fireworks. So fires result from this every year, and because of that people’s properties are burned up and they possibly lose everything. A similar incident happened west of Fort Worth, as well, where firefighters and ranch hands work tirelessly to stop the flame from reaching the horses. 

Sadly, a lot of times after a big fire has swept through a large area of land, insurance companies may be scrambling to find ways to save money. Not all companies are bad, but they are in business to make more money than they pay out. For this reason, they may employ some dastardly tactics as they deny claims, offer low-ball settlements, and give you the runaround. 

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