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Child Injured in San Angelo Auto Accident

A rainy day car wreck left an injured child and adult in its wake on April 24th, according to San Angelo Live. The accident occurred Wednesday morning at the intersection of Washington and Irving in San Angelo. A police officer investigating the accident said a truck traveling south on Irving Street failed to yield the right of way at a stop sign and crashed into a van going eastbound on Washington. Medical personnel took the driver of the truck to Shannon Medical Center for his injuries as well as a child and adult from the van. The injuries of all involved are described as non-life threatening.  

Adverse Weather Conditions

When you think of bad or adverse weather conditions, what comes to mind? Is it driving down an icy road on a cold winter night? Is it driving in a massive thunderstorm where your wiper blades can’t go fast enough to help with visibility because of so much rain? Adverse Weather is pretty much any condition where your visibility is impaired due to the natural occurrence. In the story above, no details were given as to why the truck did not stop. However, in rainy or otherwise slick weather, you may want to slow down. Driving slower can help your tires keep traction with the road and it may help keep you out of harm’s way. Rain and snow aren’t the only times where nature thrown a wrench in your daily drive. Fog, Dust storms, sun glare, and even high winds can affect your driving. Driving slow or even pulling completely off the road, if conditions are too bad may help you avoid catastrophe. Sadly, however, just because you respect the power of nature and you choose caution over speed, that doesn’t mean that every person on the road shares your views on safety. 

While traffic laws vary from state to state, one rule stays constant across all of them; you must maintain control of your vehicle while you are driving. This applies in all situations where the weather might have an effect on how drivers should handle their vehicles. If you get into an accident in the rain, snow, fog or other weather, it is up to the discretion of the officer who responds to your crash as to whether you were driving too fast for conditions. You may be issued a ticket for unsafe speeds even if you were driving the speed limit, depending on the severity of the weather. 

Abilene Car Accident Lawyer

When it comes to victims of car accidents, the Galbreath Law Firm has helped numerous people get the compensation they deserve. We understand how difficult the situation can be when you find yourself injured and unable to work like before the accident. With bills and other things piling up while you try to recover, it can feel overwhelming. We can help you with the legal aspect of your car accident so that you can focus your time on yourself and your family as you recover. We are no strangers to taking on an insurance company that doesn’t want to give a fair claim resolution. Contact us if you need the services of a professional and experienced car accident attorney.