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How Safe are Food Trucks?

Apparently, there was a bit of a squabble between a food truck owner and a local business. The fight, which played out on social media, has a couple different sides, depending on who is doing the talking. According to Guitars and Cadillacs (G&C), the food truck, Cruisin’ Cafe, was asked to leave because someone bought food from the truck earlier and got sick from eating the food. This post on Facebook has been deleted, however. The owner of the food truck disagrees with the accusation and says his food is safe. Scott Goldsby, general manager of G&C, believes he did what was right because people were complaining and asking for a refund even though Cruisin’ Cafe is not owned by G&C. 

“These people got sick, and we don’t know 100% that it was them”, said Goldsby. “At the same time, they’re saying it’s our truck, and it’s not our truck. They’re asking for their money back; we didn’t take your money.”

Of course, the owner of the food truck, Jody Murillo is worried what these accusations could damage his business. 

Murillo said, “We just have to go through the city health department just like any restaurant would. They have to inspect the truck on a regular basis and on a random basis. Since it’s a new truck it had to be completely inspected by the local agency that’s in charge of that.”

So, How Safe are Food Trucks?

The answer to the question is that you really don’t know, but they are inspected and treated just like a restaurant would. Health inspectors evaluate food trucks and the business has to keep the records of their evaluation on site and available for anyone who asks to see it. Same as a stationary cafe, one on wheels has to do a biannual inspection. So, while just like any place you go sit in and eat, it can have a good or bad evaluation and it’s up to you to decide if you want to eat there or not. 

With that being said, no matter how nice a place is, there is always room for human error. When it comes to the production of food, mistakes can be made that end up harming a consumer. There are some stories about some pretty wild things that have been found in food. People found items like razor blades, knives, condoms, and vermin in food items that they either bought at a grocery store or a restaurant. Not to gross anyone out, but there is a random chance you might get hurt by your food. It’s not just foreign objects in your food, either, it can be a food-borne illness like salmonella or e-coli that hurts you. Improperly handled food is a danger at any time; maybe even the day after a place gets a stellar evaluation from a health inspector. These illnesses and injuries can last for weeks and that’s a lot of time away from work. 

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