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College Roommates Involved in 18-Wheeler Accident

recent story of two college roommates from UT Dallas has some new developments. One of the two girls who was involved in an 18-wheeler accident was released from the hospital on January 29th. Sadly, however, Kaylee Jensen will still have months of therapy and rehabilitation ahead of her. The other victim of the commercial truck crash, Cassandra Lizardi, is still in Parkland Hospital. 

According to the Dallas Sheriff Office, the two women were victims of a semi truck who made a dangerous lane change. They were on their way to dinner when, around seven in the evening, they were struck by the 18-wheeler on Interstate 35 near the Dallas North Tollway exit. Officers who investigated the accident scene said that Lizardi’s vehicle went underneath the trailer of the big rig and then struck another car. Afterward, their car hit a retaining wall and bounced into a third automobile. The driver of the truck did not stop and continued north on the interstate. 

The 18-wheeler’s cab has been described as orange and the trailer is white. Kaylee’s father is hoping for the driver to be held accountable for his actions. Both girls suffered severe injuries during the crash. One of Kaylee’s vertebrae and several ribs were broken and Cassandra’s hips and collar bone were broken, as well.  

Catastrophic Automobile Accidents

Any accident involving an 18-wheeler has the potential to be a complete disaster. While it is unlucky to be in a crash like this, these two girls are going to survive even if they face months of rehabilitation and recovery time. This story just goes to show that lives can change in the blink of an eye just because someone was negligent while they were operating a commercial vehicle. One unsafe lane change has altered several people’s lives in a harmful way. While this particular story has the twist that the driver fled the scene, most people stop when they are involved in a car crash. 

Not all accidents are the same and as such, investigators do their best to determine what happened. While police can write citations for any traffic violations and write reports about details regarding the crash scene, ultimately in Texas insurance companies determine the fault of an accident. This process of determining fault can be a lengthy and arduous process that can be overwhelming. If you have been injured in an 18-wheeler accident, you may not get a fair settlement if you do not have the proper legal representation. You can count on the insurance company having their own lawyers fighting to keep profits as high as possible by paying out as little as they can. An experienced 18-wheeler attorney can help you while you are focusing on recovering your health by gathering the appropriate information and evidence to get you a proper settlement. 

18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer in Abilene, TX

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