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Fisher-Price Recalls Barbie Camper Power Wheels Toys

After receiving multiple complaints, Fisher-Price has announced a voluntary recall of approximately 44,000 Power Wheels Barbie Dream Campers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission also published the information on their website on February 5th. The recall is in effect because 17 people complained that the product continues to run after the accelerator is released. While no injuries have been reported, the items are being repaired to keep anyone from getting hurt. The model number of the recalled item is FRC29 and it’s a larger hot pink battery-powered vehicle that comes with a play kitchen with fold-out grill and faux campfire. Walmart exclusively sold the items in question from July of 2018 until January of this year. If you have one of these toys, you are urged to discontinue your child’s usage of the product and contact Fisher-Price for a free repair. 

Dangerous Toys and Other Products

When you buy a toy for your child, there is a certain amount of trust that you put into the manufacturer of the item. Most people would not willingly give their children something that will put them in harm’s way. However, just like this article shows, there is a chance that a design flaw or some other mistake can slip through and cause an otherwise safe toy to become dangerous. While Fisher-Price is voluntarily recalling the affected items and offering free repairs, 17 people experienced the problematic issues before anything was done. Luckily, no children got hurt during any of the malfunctions. Sadly, some people have not been so lucky in the past when it comes to a toy causing harm to little kids.

Toys aren’t the only products that can hurt your children even though you are only using the item as it is intended to be used. From strollers to car seats, there have been hundreds if not thousands of recalls over the years involving things that were sold to keep your kid safe. When something like this happens, you may have several questions regarding things like who is liable for the harm caused and is there anything that can be done about it. Anyone associated with the product from the designer, manufacturer, distributor or even the retailer may be held responsible for any damages caused by the malfunction of their dangerous goods. The laws surrounding cases involving product liability can be complex and you can count on the fact that the company who may be responsible will have a team of lawyers ready to mitigate the cost of any settlements surrounding the item in question. 

It would be in your best interest not to represent yourself in a situation like this. A professional and experienced personal injury lawyer can make the difference between a low-ball settlement and one that actually covers all the damaged caused by the negligence of the company. 

Dangerous Product Lawyer in Abilene, TX

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