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Construction Worker Injured in Fall

fall resulted in a head injury for a construction worker who was picking up debris on the roof of a car dealership in New Jersey.  The man tripped while cleaning and fell through a skylight 25 feet. Emergency workers responded and took the man by ambulance to St.Joseph’s University Medical Center. No other worker was injured in this accident and no extra information was given on his current condition. 

Construction Jobs can be Dangerous

There are four prevalent dangers that account for a large portion of the work-related deaths that occur in construction jobs. In 2016, falls accounted for almost 39% of all construction worker deaths. While this statistic only covers fatal accidents, many more people are injured in falls around the workplace. Other situations that lead to worker injuries and deaths occur when objects fall and strike a worker. While construction worker deaths and injuries have fallen over the decades, they are not eliminated completely. 

Employers are required to provide workers with the proper personal protective equipment and training required to safely perform their job duties. They are also required to provide a safe work environment for all employees. For the most part, businesses try their best to have the proper equipment and management in place to lower the risk of injury while people perform their work. However, because people are imperfect, there can be times where negligence, carelessness, or outright disobedience leads to an injury on-the-job. A fall can have lasting repercussions that can leave a person unable to function as they did before the injury. You can find yourself in a situation where medical and other bills are mounting and you have no way to gain income. Times like these are when you need a professional that you can count on for help. 

Construction Injury Attorney in Abilene, Texas

Accidents, by definition, aren’t planned and happen quite often. This statement doesn’t mean that the injured party should not seek compensation against the party responsible for the problems. Galbreath Law Firm fights on behalf of injured Texans and has a successful track record in doing so. Contact us if you have sustained a construction injury or if you have lost a loved one in a construction-related accident. We can talk to you in an initial consultation to offer our thoughts on your potential case and how to best move forward.