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Recall Alert: Cake Mixes may Contain Salmonella

Conagra Foods issued a voluntary recall after one case of Salmonella was linked via DNA footprint to some Duncan Hines white cake mixes. The link was made by the FDA to five different instances of the bacterial strain. Other flavors are being recalled since they were in production at the same facility as the white cake. There are four different types of cake mix involved in the recall and if you would like to see more information, click here to view the article. 

Dangerous Products and Recalls

A dangerous product can be something that you buy or consume that harms you in an unintended way. For instance, a baby stroller that has wheels that fail and allow the baby to come to harm. Another situation could be like what was posted in the story above. You buy what you would consider a simple product and next thing you know, your family is sick for an entire week. While these are two different examples, they show the broader spectrum of how something you buy can harm you in a way that was out of your control. Some products are inherently dangerous and come with all sorts of warning. Guns, chainsaws, and knives all have an intended purpose, and misuse of these things may not be considered an instance of product malfunction. When a product harms you or a member of your family, you will need to prove certain things before the company who manufactured the item in question will concede that it was their product that led to the harm. In the story above, it could be possible that the people ate raw batter and there may be a warning on the box that says not to do so. However, there are clear instances where a design flaw or mechanical problem has led to several individuals being harmed. One of the more famous examples of this is the Takata airbag recall. Millions of vehicles with these malfunctioning safety devices had to be corrected. This major event was one of the largest recalls in history. 

Abilene Dangerous Product Injury Lawyer

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