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Fisher County Fatal Car Crash

According to San Angelo Live, the fatal crash occurred around 7 a.m. Friday morning that claimed the life of two of the four people involved. A Chevy pickup and a Ford Explorer were reported to have hit head-on in a little town called McCaulley located just north of Abilene in Fisher County. The pickup truck was headed southbound on FM 57, driven by 51-year-old Jose Castorena when he was hit head-on by a Ford Explorer driven by 22-year-old David Wilcox Jr who was headed northbound and crossed over into the opposite lane.

At this point, it is unknown why Mr. Wilcox crossed over into the opposite lane.

Sadly, not everyone survived. Both of the drivers survived but were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. The pickup, however, had two other passengers in it that did not survive. 45-year-old James Nathan Pierce and 42-year-old Cruz Fernandez-Valles were both pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators of the accident stated that no one was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident and that the roads were wet from the rain.

Safety First

It is frightening to think about fatal car accidents because they can happen to anyone. The imminent possibility of a wreck is why it is so important to always wear your seatbelt. Not that wearing a seatbelt is guaranteed to save your life, but it may increase your chances of survival. It is possible that had these passengers been wearing their seatbelts, they may still be here today. Driving slow on a wet road may also help keep you out of a wreck. Sadly, no amount of safe driving can account for all the other people on the road. For this reason, having an ardent attorney on your side in the aftermath of a car collision could be a beneficial thing.

Car Accident Attorney In The Big Country Area

Loss of life in after a car accident can be a painful and grievous ordeal for surviving members of the family. Survivors can face not only their grief, but may have to undergo extensive and costly treatment. Medical bills can quickly add up and become overwhelming for victims especially when they do not have medical insurance. This possibility is why it is essential to contact a law firm to help you with your options and see if you are entitled to any settlement due to your car accident. If you have found yourself in a situation like this, contact us at Galbreath Law Firm for an evaluation to see if we can help.