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Workplace Injuries can Have Lasting Consequences

Many workplace injuries occur every year. Sometimes they are minor, however, sometimes they result in permanent disfigurement and sometimes death. This reason is why there are specific rules, regulations, and safety codes have been instated that have to be followed. Sometimes it is the worker who breaks these rules, but often enough it is the company or corporation cutting corners trying to save costs that may cause these workplace accidents. Minor accidents can be something as simple as slipping on a wet floor or tripping and falling over something left on the floor that should not have been. No matter how minor the accident, it is always possible that your injuries could require extensive treatment. A slip and fall may have consequences that manifest for several months or even years.  Major accidents can consist of workplace explosions, equipment malfunctions, or accidents caused by overworked and fatigued employees. 

Mounting Medical Costs

These types of accidents, of course, could require more extensive medical treatment. The worst part is that sometimes employees who suffer from a workplace injury are never able to work again. Some people who have experienced an on the job injury may find themselves in an awkward position to earn the same wages they once did. Sadly, companies are not always held responsible for their incompetence. Sometimes victims and their families do not feel that they can take on a business and win. This thought process not only hurts the family of the victim but also perpetuates the cycle that large corporations can get away with if they are cutting corners to be more profitable at the expense of the safety of their employees. The safety of employees should always come first. They should never have to work in unsafe conditions without knowing the risks so that they can take extra precautions. For example, working on an oil rig comes with many hazards. However, the men are typically aware of the common dangers and pay particular attention to avoid accidents. You can work as safely as you can try, but the neglectful actions of a few people in charge can change the lives of many people for the worse. 

Workplace Injury Attorney In Abilene, Texas

Sadly, accidents happen all too often. This reason is why having a professional attorney on your side may be one of your best decisions when it comes to pursuing justice in the event of a work-related injury.  If you have been injured in a workplace accident and are seeking legal advice, contact us at Galbreath Law Firm for an evaluation to see if we can help. Don’t be afraid or intimidated by a company because that will hinder you from getting what you are owed. Galbreath Law Firm will help you with your potential case. Our team of professionals are kind and compassionate and fully understand how scary and stressful it can be to file a lawsuit and spend months in court which is why we will be with you every step of the way. Contact us and set up a free initial appointment today.