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Investigation Continues for Cyclist Killed on S. 27th in Abilene

According to an article by Big Country Homepage,  Ann Gist was unfortunately struck by a driver and killed in South Abilene back in March while riding a bicycle. The accident occurred in the 3200 of S. 27th St. where police reportedly responded to a terrible accident which resulted in Ms. Gist’s death. According to eyewitness accounts, the cyclist may be at fault for the accident. Apparently, she may have been in a right of way violation as she tried to cut through private property to avoid a red light at the intersection of South 27th and South Willow Street. It was reported that she was stopped on the inside lane of South 27 and had her head down at the time of the collision which means she probably did not even see the vehicle that hit her. It has not been confirmed at this time if the eyewitness accounts are accurate. However, the investigation is ongoing.

Personal Injury on a Bike

This unfortunate event is still unfolding as the police investigate further. Even though in this particular story, the fault could rest on the cyclist, many cyclists suffer injuries at the hands of negligent drivers. When you are riding a bike, you are much more exposed to the dangers of a wreck. Even with all the appropriate protective gear, a negligent driver may not be paying attention and hit a cyclist. The problem is that all the variables on the road cannot be taken in to account at all times and as safe as you may try to be, there is always a chance for injury at the hands of another person. For this reason, you may want to look for the help of a professional personal injury attorney. 

Abilene, TX Personal Injury Attorney

If you are a cyclist and have been hit by a motor vehicle driver due to their negligence and are seeking legal advice, then contact our law office at Galbreath Law Firm in Abilene. You may be entitled to some compensation. We can set you up with a free initial consultation to see if we will be able to help. You should not be stuck with a plethora of medical bills to pay due to the negligence of another driver. Give us a call today.