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Seven Local Heroes Rescue Woman and Children from Car Crash

It seems that these days the news may look like it’s full of terrible stories that are happening around us and across the globe. This article goes to show that there are good things that can come from what could otherwise be thought of as a dangerous situation. 

According to a publication by San Angelo Live, on Friday morning, seven workers from Orig-Equip and Premier Automotive helped to rescue a woman and her two young children after she was run off the road by a red pickup that cut her off. Although she was fortunate enough to avoid the collision, her car went off of the roadway and teetered off of the edge with her and her nine-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old boy trapped inside.

The seven workers who saw the incident quickly realized there was no time to lose and grab chains and their truck and very strategically hooked up the chains to the car and managed to get the woman and children out safely. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported thanks to these seven local heroes.

Officer Tracy Gonzales of the San Angelo Police Department has stated that there is an investigation underway to try and find the driver of the red pickup truck who caused this incident. They are asking anyone who saw the crash or has any information to please contact them so that they can resolve this issue.

Good Can Eventually Come From Bad

This story is just another example of what can happen when drivers are not paying close attention to the roadways. Not only did the driver of the red pickup truck cause this accident but he also drove off and did not take responsibility for his actions. He could have killed a young family had it not been for the quick thinking of those seven men who help to save them. Perhaps the driver of the truck didn’t even know that they caused an accident. Ignorance still doesn’t excuse any negligent behavior. If a person’s negligent actions have caused you harm, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries. 

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