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Motorcycle Accident Leaves Abilene Christian University Student Dead

According to an article on the Big Country Homepage, a female student from ACU and another young man died as the result of a motorcycle accident. The crash occurred slightly before nine in the morning on Friday, September 28th. Police investigating the scene of the wreck said that the man was traveling north on Treadway Blvd when he veered into a culvert and hit a telephone pole. This action resulted in both driver and passenger being thrown from the bike upon impact. Emergency responders pronounced the two young people deceased at the scene of the motorcycle accident. Police are still investigating the cause of the tragedy. Police also stated in a social media post that neither of the two was wearing a helmet. 

 Motorcycle Accident Causes

Motorcycles and, by default, their riders get a bad wrap sometimes. Although it seems that the stigma of being a “biker” is slowly going away, some people still think that motorcycles are extremely dangerous. While it can be argued that these machines aren’t inherently evil, as a rider, you are indeed more exposed to the perils of driving. Motorcycles simply don’t share the same safety features that most passenger vehicles have. With that being said, people also seem to have a hard time seeing motorcyclists. This lack of perception has lead to many damaging and fatal motorcycle accidents and even to commercial campaigns to help bring awareness to the problem. In the end, cyclists have to be much more wary of their environment while driving.

Other factors can lead to a single vehicle crash. Things like mechanical failures, defective tires, and other people driving dangerously can lead to a rider losing control of his motorcycle. These accidents can be someone else’s fault partially, or entirely. The problem when it comes to a case dealing with defective products or mechanical failure is that you have to prove how they affected your ability to handle your vehicle. For someone who is no longer alive, or for a person who may be severely injured, it can be difficult to gather the evidence needed to make a case. 

Abilene Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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