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Deadly Auto Accident Leaves Double Digit Casualties in New York

According to a news article on the Big Country Homepage, a terrible car accident that happened on Route 30 in Schoharie, NY left 20 people dead. The accident occurred on Saturday, Oct 7th around 2 in the afternoon according to New York State Police. At the time, a captain of the State Police stated that the investigation is in its preliminary stages so there is not much information known about the cause of the accident. In addition to the local authorities, the National Transportation Safety Board stated on Sunday that it will be sending a team of investigators to help with the efforts. No names have been released pending the notification of next of kin. 

UPDATE: The vehicle involved in the accident was a Ford Excursion limousine. Police said that the limo failed to stop at the stop sign at the bottom of a hill. It then struck another parked unoccupied automobile, stuck and killed two more pedestrians before it crashed into a shallow ravine.  It was carrying 17 passengers destined for a birthday party. All passengers and the driver were killed as a result of the accident. Another dubious amount of information came to light about the driver and mechanical condition of the limousine. The driver was not properly licensed to drive the vehicle and the Excursion itself had failed state vehicle inspections and was not authorized to be on the road. On top of all that information, the owner of the rental company was involved in a scheme to help people illegally obtain driver’s licenses. The owner then became an FBI informant. (Source: The New York Times)

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This story is a tragic tale of negligence that ended with horrific consequences. While there are many instances where a traffic collision is truly an accident, there is typically someone who is at fault. This particular situation has a person employed by an unscrupulous company who was operating a vehicle he was not licensed to drive and the vehicle itself was unfit to be on the road. While this car accident happened in New York, it could just have easily occurred in Texas. This is a wide-open state where millions of miles are traveled on the road each year. Wrongful Death cases don’t just involve automobile accidents, they can involve almost any case where carelessness or negligent actions result in a fatality. If you have lost a loved one in questionable circumstances, the Galbreath Law Firm is ready to listen to you. We offer a free initial consultation so you can tell us about your potential case at no cost to you. Contact us today.