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Officer Shot Himself While Responding to a Dog Attack in Cisco

A recent article by KTXS follows up on an incident that happened in Cisco. On Saturday, September 23rd, an officer of the Cisco Police responded to a call about a dog attack and while trying to soot the dog, fell and accidentally discharged the weapon into his leg. The officer had the ability to maintain his composure and shoot the dog since it was still on the attack. According to the owner of the dog, it had never attacked anyone while she owned the dog. It was a rescue dog, so no information is available about its tendencies before the adoption. The owner of the dog is being held responsible for the hospital bills. Also, since the injured officer had to be flown to Fort Worth for treatment, that could mean a hefty hospital bill for the owner of the dog. 

The officer is recovering and is expected to return to light duty in approximately a week. The girl who was attacked is said to be recovering nicely, as well, thanks to the heroic actions of the responding officer. 

Dog Bites and Attacks

Dogs can be very dangerous. They are often loyal friendly animals, but that can lure people into a false sense of security. According to, 31 people were killed in 2016 due to dog attacks. Pitbulls accounted for 22 and rottweilers accounted for 2 of the fatal attacks for a combined 77% of the total fatalities related to dog attacks. This is a trend that has been happening for almost 12 years where the average of these two breeds of dogs accounts for 76% of the total fatal dog attacks from 2005 – to 2016. 

Even if the bite attack was not fatal, there can be significant damage and/or medical bills. Even if the damage was not severe, there is always a chance that the wound can get infected. Medical attention is usually a costly thing to have done and so even a simple bite can turn into an expense that can alter your quality of life. 

Abilene Personal Injury Attorney – Abilene Work Injury Attorney

The Galbreath Law Firm understands that everyone can have accidents, but they also understand that people should be held accountable. Luckily, in this story, the owner is going to pay the medical bills. However, the officer might have had another option for having his bills covered since he was on the job when he was injured. Work injuries are a commonplace thing. From slips and falls to hurt backs, almost anywhere can be the place for an accident. Some jobs may be considered more dangerous than others. For instance, construction, oilfield jobs, and other manual labor jobs have machinery and moving parts to contend with, not just a spill in the condiments section at the grocery store. If you have been injured because of someone else’s careless actions, then contact us for a free initial consultation.