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Top Texas RRC Executive Abruptly Resigns

According to an article by the Abilene Reporter-News, the chief oil and gas regulator resigned rather abruptly, exposing that all is not so well within the Texas agency. One Republican leader has even gone so far as to say that the chairwoman of the agency was operating a “dictatorship”.

Kimberly Corley put in her resignation for her position as the executive director of the Texas Railroad Commission. Corley had previously worked as an executive for the Shell Oil Company but started working as the exec for the TRRC in 2016. Many people within the Texan oil and gas industries praised her appointment to the role. No word has been given by her regarding this sudden exodus from the state position. 

“The agency needed to move in a different direction under the leadership of the Commissioners,” said Republican Christi Craddick, the commission’s chairwoman. 

Things got heated in the state capital as one commissioner accused Craddick of unilaterally invoking the change in leadership. Ryan Sitton told her that this was not a dictatorship in regards to how this ouster is being handled.  With lots of bickering and infighting, this new feud seems to be shedding new light on a government entitiy that has been openly criticized for its lack of transparency. 

Drama in the Capitol

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