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Oil Pipeline Leaks into Creek in Southwest Abilene

On October 15th, work crews were cleaning up the aftermath of testing a Sonoco pipeline, according to an article on Big Country Homepage. The spill released a green-hued into Button Willow Creek that runs into Canyon Rock Lake. The people who were testing the pipeline said that the green color comes from a dye used to help spot leaks and it is not hazardous. In a press release by the Texas Railroad Commission, they stated that the crude oil had been removed before the test was performed. However, there would be some residual coil residue. Crews were working on the remediation of the spill and would continue until the problem was solved. 

Oilfield Injury and the Consequences

While this story shows a much more benign side of how an oilfield accident can occur, there are several stories of how they can be deadly. Most people understand that there are certain dangers that are synonymous with working around oil derricks, pipelines, and refineries. Just because the job is dangerous doesn’t mean that employees should be protected from harm. Long hours, tough deadlines, and other factors can contribute to a fatigue that settles in amongst the workers and creates a dangerous environment for everyone. Employers are responsible for providing a structured and safe place for their workers. Proper protective equipment and training should be provided for all employees, but sometimes things are overlooked. When an oilfield injury happens, often it can be a deadly occurrence. Suddenly a family is missing a member and the survivors are left with many questions of what to do. In cases like this, it can really help to have an experienced oilfield injury attorney. 

Oilfield Injury Lawyer in Abilene, Texas

Losing a family member is heartbreaking and can leave everyone feeling lost. It can be increasingly worrisome for people who have lost a breadwinner. That loss of income that is needed for taking care of everyone isn’t easily replaced. With everything going on at a time like this, financial questions may not be at the forefront of your mind. The Galbreath Law Firm can try to help solve the financial problem created by another person’s negligent and deadly actions by pursuing a claim against the responsible party. Galbreath Law Firm in Abilene, TX has been helping West Texas families get the compensation they deserve for years. Cases are worked on a contingency basis so we don’t get paid until we win your case. We also offer a free consultation so that you can tell us about your potential case and let us see how we can help you best move forward. Contact us today and let us put our experience to work for you.