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Overturned 18-Wheeler Wreck Ends in Injury

San Angelo Live reported on July 23, 2018, that along Debus Road an 18-wheeler rolled on its side as it attempted to take a left turn around 11 in the morning. According to officers at the scene of the accident said that the truck was driving eastbound on Cottonseed Road before attempting to turn in directing. The trailer was carrying a significant amount of frozen lamb meat, and there were two occupants in the truck at the time. The occupant on the passenger side was reportedly sleeping in the truck as it overturned on the passenger side and hit the ground. The passenger of the big rig began to feel his injuries as the adrenaline wore off. He was complaining about having head pain and he had a bruise on his side. A wrecker service was called out to the scene to get the truck up off its side and tow it in for repairs.

The Potential Danger of 18 Wheelers

This accident, all considered, was not severe, it was a single vehicle accident only involving the 18-wheeler. The person that was injured in the accident was not injured severely enough to be rushed away by an ambulance. So overall, this accident could have been much worse. The truth of the matter is that 18-wheelers are very large and when they roll over they can cause a lot of damage. Just imagine if this 18-wheeler would’ve crossed paths with a passenger vehicle as it rolled out of control. The results could have been much more disastrous. In fact, it could’ve even resulted in fatalities. Driver error and negligence is a huge factor in many traffic accidents across the Big Country. Sadly, these errors can result in costly damage to you and your vehicle. 

Truck Accident Attorney Abilene, Texas

Innocent people are harmed by the careless actions of others every day. While accidents between passenger vehicles may be more common, commercial vehicle accidents are more likely to be fatal for the driver of a car. Truck drivers take on a great responsibility when they get behind the wheel of the truck. If the truck driver is negligent and causes personal injury or even death, then there is a chance that the driver or the company that hires them can be held liable for the damages. So if you’ve been involved in a truck accident or lost a loved one in accident involving 18-wheeler then please do not delay and give our offices a call.