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Dog Reunited with Family After Car Accident

Big Country News reported recently that a six-month-old boxer was reunited with his families after the dog escaped during a wreck along I-20 in Sweetwater, Texas on Friday, July 13. Apollo, the dog, was traveling to Dallas with his family when they were involved in an auto accident near exit 259 in Sweetwater. The family, friends, and good Samaritans searched for hours for the missing dog in both daytime and nighttime. The dog was eventually discovered in a cotton field and was completely unharmed. The family has expressed their gratitude for the community’s help in locating their lost dog via Facebook. The dog held significant sentimental value to the owner as it was a gift from his parents when his grandfather had died. There are no details about the accident, or what the cause of the crash was. Luckily, no one was reported to have been injured in the accident. 

An Auto Accident Can Happen Anywhere Anytime

While there are no details given about the wreck, accidents along interstate roads are commonplace. The parties involved in the accident may not have been expecting it to happen that day. While we all understand that there is a chance of a wreck when we drive, we feel like we are in control of our safety. Technology is helping to curb how severe an injury can be in the aftermath of an auto accident, but still, people get hurt. The sad truth of the matter is that no matter how hard you try, you can’t account for the negligent behavior of other drivers.  For this reason, we must be diligent in making sure that the passengers of your vehicle are buckled up, and drivers are paying attention to the road. The reality is that an auto accident can happen anywhere anytime and quite possibly at no fault of your own.

Car Accident Attorney in Abilene, Texas

Thankfully in the story, no one was actually hurt. Not even the dog. Many times, however, that is not the case, and people are severely injured due to auto accidents. Between hospital bills and unpaid wages from missing work, you may find yourself in a difficult financial situation. You may be wondering how you can get help in your time of need. It is unfair that you should be financially ruined due to someone else’s negligence. With  Galbreath Law Firm, we can help you hold the offending part responsible for their actions. If you have been involved in an auto accident and have mounting debt, then do not delay and contact us today. We will initially evaluate your case at no charge to you and let you know how we can help you.