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Serious Truck Accident Sends One Man to the Hospital

Although officials have not released much information about the major accident that occurred at 2 a.m. Sunday morning on Twohig Street, it was reported to have been quite dangerous, according to San Angelo Live. The driver of a pick-up truck was said to have been speeding right before he lost control when he jumped a curb and ran into a grassy median before sideswiping a tree on the driver’s side. It was reported that the driver had to be cut out of the truck with the jaws-of-life. He was not in good shape. He was injured very seriously. Reports on his injuries have not been released. However, the ambulance he was in had a police escort to the hospital which usually indicates the victim is in an awful state. Although they are not sure of all the details on why this accident occurred, first responders did say they are not ruling out alcohol as a possible culprit.

Speeding While Driving

It is fortunate that no one else was seriously injured or involved in this accident. The above story is a cautionary tale to the dangers of speeding while driving. It is too easy to lose control when traveling at a high rate of speed. When someone loses control of their vehicle when they are speeding, it can be impossible to regain control to prevent a crash. These types of accidents do not always only involve one vehicle. Often they hit multiple cars driving around them. Since we cannot predict the actions of other drivers, we often fall victim to erratic drivers.

Abilene, Texas Auto Accident Attorney

The above story is all too familiar to many of us. We get into our vehicles, confident in our driving, knowing that we abide by all the traffic laws, and are lulled into a false sense of security. Then all it takes is a split second for our safety to be shattered. One driver who does not feel that the law applies to them can lose control while speeding and hits us. This incident forces us to reevaluate our sense of security and realize that not everyone uses caution when they drive. Some people get too comfortable behind the wheel and feel they have everything under control even when they don’t. If you have been the victim of a car accident and are seeking legal advice, then contact Galbreath Law Firm for an evaluation. We may be able to help.