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Two Truck Collision in San Angelo

According to San Angelo Live, two Ford trucks collided at the intersection of Sunset Dr. and Huntington Ln. which had the intersection blocked for a while. Police officers were advising drivers to seek an alternate route in order to avoid this intersection until the accident was cleared. The accident had all lanes blocked.

According to Officer Welch, the Ford Explorer was trying to go west, across Sunset, and failed to yield the right of way to the northbound F-150.

It has been reported that the driver of the Explorer, also the driver at fault, was at Shannon Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries, but officials are still waiting for word on the extent of the injuries suffered by the driver that was hit. It has also not been confirmed if either vehicle had any passengers or if they were injured.  

Since the investigation is ongoing, the police said no citations have been given. There are always grey areas in these types of accidents, so the officers take their time to do a thorough job.

The Importance of Paying Attention While Driving

Obviously, the pickup truck that failed to yield to oncoming traffic should have been paying attention. Had they been, this accident probably would not have occurred. This story is actually a testament to the fact that it is important for all other drivers to pay close attention while behind the wheel as well since we cannot predict the actions of other drivers. If we remain vigilant while driving, then we may be able to avoid an accident regardless of whose fault it may be. And this is the ultimate goal, right? Sadly, there is no guarantee that you will not end up being the victim of another person’s careless driving habits.

Abilene, Texas Truck Accident Lawyers

Car wrecks happen every minute of the day. The best we can hope for is that we are not victims of one ourselves. This idea, however, is wishful thinking. In all likely probability, we will at some point in time be victims of a car accident. It may be our own fault, or it may not. However it plays out, the outcome is likely the same, injury accompanied by expensive medical bills. If you have been the victim of a car accident that isn’t your fault and you are seeking legal advice, contact us at The Galbreath Law Firm to see if we can help. Helping injured Texans is what we do and we don’t get paid until we bring you a check to the table.