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Stamford Woman Killed in Car Jones County Car Accident

According to an article by Abilene Reporter-News, a woman from the town of Stamford was killed in a single-vehicle accident Tuesday afternoon. The crash happened in Jones County and involved Frances Cook Buerger, age 82. The DPS safety report for the crash indicated that she was traveling down U.S. Highway 277 around 3:35 p.m. when her vehicle went off the road at a left curve in the highway. Her 2001 Cadillac drove off the road and hit a roadside park pavilion and a picnic bench. Buerger was wearing her seat belt, however, she still had to be taken to Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene where she succumbed to her wounds. No adverse road conditions were indicated in the report and investigators are still looking for the cause of the accident. 

Single Vehicle Crashes

Accidents happen and they can involve only one car. However, just because you are the one behind the wheel of the only car in the accident doesn’t automatically make it your fault. There can be other outside reasons that can cause a wreck to happen. For instance, bad road work, a defect in your car can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. After a bad crash, you can lose work for an extended period of time and get behind on your bill. Depending on how long you are incapacitated, you may end up with creditors calling and harassing. This is where having an experienced attorney on your side may help you deal with the aftermath of a bad wreck. 

Abilene Car Accident Lawyer

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