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Abilene Woman Involved in Single Car Accident

An article by KTXS states that a woman was involved in a wreck on Beltway North after she lost control of her vehicle and went down into a culvert. Her vehicle eventually ended up flipped upside down. Emergency responders came to the scene and it took them around 10 minutes to free her from the wreckage. Eventually, she was taken for treatment to Hendrick Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. No other details were given about the cause of the wreck, but police are still investigating the incident. 

Single Vehicle Accidents

When you hear the words single-vehicle accident, you may automatically think that the person who had the wreck must not have been able to control their vehicle. As such, you may also immediately think that they are the ones responsible for the accident. There are actually several things that can cause a person to have a wreck that only involves their vehicle. For instance, a defect in the vehicle that you drive can cause an accident. It doesn’t even have to be in the actual mechanical aspect of the car; it can be that the tires are faulty. If you are traveling the speed limit and you have a blowout, the results can be catastrophic. Some vehicles have been known to have their steering columns lock up or to have their throttle cables snap due to a defect. Faulty roads or warning signs can also be the cause of a single-vehicle accident. There may not be proper warnings about road work or other hazards along the road that can lead to an accident. In the end, a single-vehicle accident may not be as cut and dry as most people would believe it to be. You may want to speak to a professional attorney about your accident if you feel that another person’s carelessness or a defect may be the reason for your wreck. 

Abilene Car Accident Attorney 

After a car accident, you can find yourself in a situation where time is of the essence. Acting fast may be the difference between bills piling up and added frustration while you are trying to recover. If you have been injured, bills can pile up and cause additional headaches for you while you try to get your life back to normal or as close as possible. In the event that another party’s negligent or careless behavior has harmed you, contact us for a free case evaluation. Helping injured Texans is one of the things we do best. There is no financial risk involved because you don’t pay a dime unless we bring a check to the table.