Tire Maintenance and Car Safety

Tire Maintenance and Car Safety

Automobiles are such a part of everyday life that we forget how complex they are. Hundreds of parts, if not thousands, work in unison to help you get from point A to point B. While a typical driver may not have extensive knowledge of how cars and trucks work, that doesn’t mean you can ignore routine tire maintenance and car safety. There are several benefits to proper care of your car, and it doesn’t just stop at extending the lifetime of your ride. One of the most accessible items on the list that you can maintain is your tires. 

Easy Maintenance for Your Safety

The first item on the maintenance list is to keep an eye on your tread depth. You should inspect the treads and ensure they aren’t going bald. When the tread is worn too low or non-existent, your vehicle could have problems hydroplaning on a wet road. If the tread isn’t deep enough for the grooves to channel the water properly, you could endanger yourself, your passengers, and others on the road. 

Tire Maintenance and Car Safety

Another issue that is easily maintained but often overlooked is tire air pressure. If your tire’s air pressure gets too low, you could have a blowout. When your tires don’t have enough air, they create more surface area in contact with the road. At highway speeds, the extra contact can create more heat than the tire is manufactured to handle. Even at low speeds, your tires will have added stress applied to the sidewalls, which can damage their integrity. Combine weakened sidewalls and too much heat, and you have a recipe for disaster. Every tire can be different, and learning their optimum pressure and maintaining it could be the difference between arriving on time or being late because of a blowout. On top of that, depending on what season it is, your tires may have a different optimal pressure during fall and winter, as opposed to spring and summer. When you buy a set of tires, ensure they provide instructions for proper care. The good news is that Dash has a warning light with many newer models

that will tell you if your tire pressure is too low. If you don’t have the luxury of tire pressure sensors on your car, a gauge is relatively cheap and can easily be stored in your glove box. Another option is to have a professional check your pressure periodically. 

Keeping your tires rotated will also help to extend the life of your tires and help them to wear evenly throughout their usage. This action will save you money in the long run and help keep your tires in optimal condition. The better condition your tires are in, the better off you will be while driving. If you are uncomfortable doing this maintenance, most tire shops would be happy to check your tires and let you know if they find any issues.

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