Man Killed in Odessa Car Accident

Odessa Man Killed in Rollover Crash

On May 5th, an Odessa man was killed in a fatal crash. According to the DPS report, the man was traveling on Farm to Market Road 1936 in his Nissan Altima when he attempted to pass a Ford Edge. While passing, he crashed into the Ford and left the road, where his vehicle began to roll. Emergency workers transported him to the hospital; however, he did not survive his injuries. The driver of the Edge did not sustain any injuries. There is no additional information given about the cause of the crash.

Rollover Car Accidents

When a car or truck rolls over, it is one of the most dangerous types of wreck that can happen to you on the road. Like in this tragic story, rollover car accidents can end with the loss of life. If the right mixture of physics happens, almost any vehicle can start tumbling down the road. If the center of gravity in a vehicle shifts too much, it can cause a rollover. Taking a turn too fast will shift the center of gravity and potentially cause an accident. So, taller, narrower vehicles are more prone to these types of accidents than shorter, wider cars with lower profiles.

Not all rollover crashes are caused by steering maneuvers. When only one vehicle is often involved in a rollover, something outside the automobile’s operation causes it to “trip.” For instance, hitting a curb can cause a car to go tumbling. Blowouts, potholes, and other road hazards can do the same thing. Also, if you are hauling or towing a load in your vehicle, you will change the center of gravity. Several variables can explain why someone might experience a rollover, not just excessive speed and sharp turns.

Odessa Car Accident Lawyer

As with any time you get in your car to travel, you take a risk. You have faith that all the parts involved in your car will work as intended and that you will be safe. For the most part, that may be the case, but sometimes machines fail. Unforeseen mechanical issues can arise and cause accidents; that’s why there are so many recalls issued by car manufacturers. Typically, an automaker will try to catch any problems before the car has left production. Sadly, when a manufacturer doesn’t catch a problem, it can lead to injury and death.

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