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Weapons Charges and Changing Laws

In West Texas, most people have probably been raised around firearms or they have been exposed to them at an early age. For some of those raised around rifles and pistols, they were taught how to respect those weapons. For others, there may not have been such an in-depth learning experience.  Proper training of how to use, clean, store, and transport firearms can do a lot towards lowering accidental injuries and deaths related to the mishandling of them. Sadly, even among trained gun owners, there are tragedies that occur every so often either intentional or unintentional

When it comes to firearms, each state has its own laws surrounding the handling or weapons and in this new political climate, they are changing. Of course, some states are stricter than others and Texas is not the strictest by any means. However, Texas is also not the least strict of all the states when it comes to these types of laws. With that being said, the rules and regulations can be a bit tricky and convoluted. With Texas’s new open carry laws, you can find yourself in a situation where you took a firearm into a gun free zone. This unintentional action could land you in some hot water, depending on the situation. There are, however, regulations for proper signage mandated by the state when it comes to designating a gun-free zone. Another possible situation where you could land in trouble is where you are and aren’t allowed to legally discharge your weapon. Depending on the location, different cities have different rules regarding firearm usage inside the city limits. 

All the laws can be a bit overwhelming to someone who is not experienced with them. For this reason, if you find yourself charged with unlawful carrying or usage of a firearm, you could be facing a serious penalty. Galbreath Law Firm has experience in the handling of these types of cases. A minor error in the modification of your rifle or shotgun could result in fines and jail time. These types of charges can result in convictions that can make life tough for you for many years. We will fight for you using our knowledge and experience and do our best to get your charges reduced or even dropped. Exercise your right to legal counsel and contact us for help.