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Wild Hogs Cause Deadly Car Crash

KTSX reported on July 30, 2018, that a teenager from Haskell Texas died on Monday morning in an auto accident that involved wild pigs. According to the story the young man was 19 years old and was headed north on Farm to market 600 when Adam about 12:10 AM his pickup hit multiple pigs southwest of Haskell. The driver then lost control of his truck as it rolled off the road and hit a utility pole. The young man was pronounced dead at Haskell Memorial Hospital. This story is a very tragic accident that has left a family in a community devastated.

Animal Involved Auto Accidents

In this particular case, an unforeseen element caused the tragedy that unfolded in the Big Country. Wild hogs are a problem that seems to be increasing. While this truck accident is not anyone’s fault, there are instances of hitting animals where the owner may be responsible. In most cases of auto accidents, the finger may be easily pointed at the one responsible for the damages. An improper lane change, a run stop light, or even drunk driving can all be traced back to a single person. When you hit a cow or other large livestock, it’s not so cut and dry. Many factors are involved in deciding fault, like location and type of road, to name a few. After a car accident like this, it may be worth your while to speak to an experienced attorney about your situation. Galbreath Law Firm can help answer your questions that you might have. 

Auto Accident Attorney in Abilene, Texas

After a bad wreck, you may find yourself unable to work for an extended period. During this time, hospital and rehabilitation costs alongside mounting bills can overwhelm even the most stalwart of bank savings. If another person’s negligent actions have led to your injuries and expenses, then you may be entitled to compensation. We offer a free initial consultation so that you can tell us about your accident. We can listen to you and help you focus on your recovery by aiding with all the legal issues surrounding claiming against an insurance company. They will have their own team of lawyers and will be ready to fight to save money so you need someone who will fight hard for your best interests. Contact us if you would like a chance to speak with a professional and courteous lawyer.