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Dogs Given Shelter from Harvey in Abilene

According to Fox 15, Abilene, 30 dogs from various shelters that have been affected by hurricane Harvey were transported to the Rescue the Animals shelter in Abilene. Some of them have been sent to another shelter in Iowa when they were collected on August 30th. The dogs were being housed along the coast before the hurricane hit and flooded the area. 

“Since these dogs were already in shelters prior to the hurricane, they have not been lost by families in the storm and will be sent to our rescue groups for adoption,” according to Rescue the Animals.

Man’s Best Friend

Most people like dogs, and even if you don’t like dogs, you most likely don’t want to see them suffer or get hurt. However, man’s best friend can be a harmful creature at times. Dogs are capable of doing major damage to a person or young child. It seems that periodically a news headline will read that another child has been mauled, injured, or killed by a dog. Sometimes the stories say that the dog had a tendency to be violent and other times the owners say that they have never seen aggressive behavior from their dog. The biggest problem is that dogs are territorial and they do have a pack mentality so there is always a capability for them to harm someone, especially a younger child. Now, there is also a widespread debate about pit bulls and other types of dogs that are considered to be aggressive. The great debate about nature versus nurture has been going on for quite some time. That debate aside, many people are bitten by dogs every year. 

Out of the many people bitten by dogs, a small portion die because of these attacks. For the others, there can be a long recovery depending on the severity of the injury sustained in the attack. This can lead to financial troubles if the injury kept you from work. These troubles can build up and become seemingly insurmountable as they continue to pile up. Now, we know that money won’t bring back a lost loved one or magically get rid of disfigurement, but it can help you get your financial situation back as close to normal as possible. 

Abilene Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

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