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Bad Weather Causes Deadly Wreck

San Angelo Live reported on December 29, 2017, that three Texans lost their lives on a rain-soaked highway south of Eden. According to the Texas DPS, a 2008 Ram Pickup was traveling north on the US. Highway 83 near the Concho and Menard County line. Meanwhile, a 2004 Nissan Maxima was traveling south on the same roadway. The Ram pickup driver lost control. The truck veered into the oncoming lane of traffic. The Nissan, driven by Linda Faye Russell, 58, of Doole, didn’t have time to react, and a head-on collision with the passenger side of the Ram occurred. Russell, the Nissan driver, and two other passengers were killed. They were Jennifer Lynn Gonzales, 30, of Doole; and Simon Rivas III, 36, of Eden. Villegas, the driver of the pickup, sustained incapacitating injuries.

Tragedy During the Holidays

This is indeed a heartbreaking story. This accident happened in the middle of the holiday season, and these families have been shattered. This was a very horrific accident that saw an extreme loss of life. It appears that the person driving the ram lost control due to poor road conditions. The loss of control may have happened because he was driving too fast for road conditions. It is very important that you not speed when road conditions are poor. When the roads are wet or icy the chances of losing control are significantly increased, and as this story showed, you run the risk of injuring an innocent person. With the winter months upon us, it is easy to see how this will continue to be a rising problem as the roads will be both wet and slick. So do not end up like in this story and slow down for severe weather.

Abilene Auto Accident Attorney  

Accidents such as this one are indeed tragic, but also not uncommon. Several such incidents take place on our roads every year. These accidents could be avoided if people would only slow down. AS was the case here, there are often innocent victims that did not do anything wrong except for having the misfortune to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is genuinely unfair to them and their families. If you have been injured in an auto accident or lost a loved one in an auto accident, then please do not delay and give The Galbreath Law Firm a call.