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Fatal Automobile Accident on I-20

A recent article by San Angelo Live covered a story about a deadly accident that happened on Interstate 20. The deadly crash occurred near Eastland around 7 a.m. when an 18-wheeler hauling cars overturned on the highway. Although this may seem like a terrible accident, the accident that occurred next was much worse. According to officials, the overturned car hauler was blocking the highway, so an SUV headed east stopped due to the roadblock. The SUV had a family in it, and a different vehicle traveling eastbound did not or was not able to slow down in time and ended up rear-ending the SUV. The resulting crash took the life of one person. 

Injuries of the other family members have not been released nor the extent of injuries to the person or persons in the second vehicle. It was reported, however; two other people were rushed to the hospital with unknown injuries. They are not releasing the names of any victims until next of kin can be contacted. Police say that this stretch of I-20 highway has seen an increased number of accidents recently. Many people are seeking alternate routes to avoid this area of I-20. 

Medical Bills can Pile Up

For many people, car accidents result in an incomprehensible tragedy, much like the above story. The result is that a loved one is killed. There is no pain like losing a loved one especially in an unexpected way like a car crash. This tragedy comes with its own set of financial burdens. For others though, the car crash is only the beginning of a very long and financially draining process. Depending on the extent of injuries surgeries may be required, physical and occupation therapy, rehabilitation center recovery, etc. All these medical procedures are very costly. The cost of rising medical bills can quickly become overwhelming, and the stress can hinder the recovery process. No one should have to worry about the cost of treatment at a time they need it most. 

Car Accident Injury Lawyer in Abilene, TX

If you have been involved in a car accident and are seeking legal advice, then contact our office at Galbreath Law Firm for an evaluation to see if we can help. We will fight to get whatever is owed to you. So, if you are seeking legal advice to help with the cost of medical bills, we will do everything we can to try and get you what you deserve.  We want to help injured Texans, and so we don’t get paid unless we bring you a check to the table.