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Driver Strikes Guardrail in San Angelo

In a recent article by San Angelo Live, the driver of a 2002 Toyota Corolla crashed into the guardrail on the westbound entrance ramp from N. Chadbourne St. onto westbound Houston Harte. 

According to SAPD investigating officer Brian Bylsma, the driver was sent to the hospital by ambulance after they struck the guardrail while trying to drive up onto the Loop after veering a little too far to the right.  

The driver was apparently driving with an invalid or expired license, so he will be receiving a citation for driving with an invalid license as well as a citation for an unsafe move according to Officer Bylsma.

It is unclear if there were any injuries to the driver or if he had any passengers with him. Given the fact that he was sent to the hospital by ambulance, it can be assumed he did suffer from at least some minor injuries.

Single Car Crashes: Probable Causes

The driver involved in this accident may not have been paying close enough attention to his driving. It’s possible he couldn’t make up his mind which lane he needed so at the last minute he made a split-second decision that resulted in him swerving too quickly into another lane and crashing. It is always best to just go ahead and pass up the road or exit you missed and turn around in a safe designated area. It is never a good idea to cut across traffic and veer into other lanes in a split-second decision. 

The driver could have been swerving to avoid something on the road and then overcorrected. Sadly, when details are sparse in a news story, there is little more to do than speculate about how something occurred. One thing is for certain, the driver in this story is fortunate that he did not hit another vehicle and injure someone else. In the end, this accident could have been much worse if there were any other vehicles involved.

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