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Failure to Yield Ends in Car Wreck

Sunday evening was eventful for two drivers in San Angelo, Texas. According to San Angelo Live, a Volvo station wagon failed to stop at a stop sign at the intersection of Avenue L and Johnson resulting in them crashing into a Buick SUV. This station wagon hit the SUV with such force that it caused it to flip upside down. The driver of the Volvo did not see the Buick and proceeded to drive into the intersection which led to the car wreck. Fortunately, although the Buick flipped over onto its roof, there were no serious injuries reported in this accident. This event is fortunate because someone could have been seriously injured in this accident. The driver of the Volvo did receive a ticket for failure to yield the right away from a stop sign.

Sadly, auto accidents like this one happen more often than you would think. Intersections can have line-of-sight issues because of bushes or parked vehicles. Because of state laws about parking in proximity to intersections and city ordinances about plant growth, signage, and other possible visual interference, car accidents at these places may not be open and shut cases. Another prevalent cause of car crashes is distracted driving. While cell phone usage may come to mind first as a distraction while driving, eating and drinking, looking at your in-dash navigation system, or even meeting with the radio could be considered distractions, as well.

In this age of new technology, automotive makers are doing many things to help curb having to take your eyes off the task of driving. For instance, climate controls and radio controls are now on many car’s steering wheels so you don’t have to look away to adjust things. Still, the world isn’t a perfect place, and you may find yourself in an accident. Try as you might, you can never account for all the other people on the road.

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