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Oilfield Explosion in Oklahoma

An oil field explosion made national news when an oil derrick ignited near Quinton, Oklahoma, early Monday morning, on January 22. The town is located about 100 miles south of Tulsa. Workers reported hearing a massive explosion and immediately saw smoke and flames and quickly fled to safety. Unfortunately, not all of the men made it safely out or away from the burning rig.

Seventeen men were able to make it away from the rig before it was engulfed by flames, however, sadly, five men were at what is thought to be the center of the explosion and were not able to get out. They were working in an area commonly known as the doghouse, and it is presumed the area was too hot for the men to be able to make it out.

The seventeen men that were fortunate enough to escape were not seriously injured, but some of them did receive minor injuries.

The explosion is under investigation, but at this point, they are not sure what the cause could have been. Authorities are hesitant to speculate about what could have been the cause. OSHA will be taking a look at the explosion and mount their investigation.

Many of these men who work on these rigs are fully aware of the dangers, but this fact does not make it any less tragic when it does occur. Many friends, families, and loved ones are mourning the loss of these men. When the shock wears off, and the grief turns to anger and questions of why begin to develop, these families are going to want answers. Why and how could this happen?

Oil Field Injury Attorney in Abilene, Texas

At the Galbreath Law Firm, we know the oil and gas industry is dangerous, especially for the men who work on the rigs. Although this work is considered hazardous, explosions like this one may have been prevented. Even with all the modern advances in technology, it doesn’t seem to keep people injured or killed in the oil industry. The families of these men are entitled to answers, and once the shock wears off and they begin to come to terms with the loss of their loved ones, they are going to want to make sense of this tragedy. This time is where it will eventually be beneficial for the family members to seek legal advice to see what their options are. If you are ever put in this tragic situation where you or your family has been injured or killed in an oil field related accident, contact us at Galbreath Law Firm for an evaluation to see if we can help you with your options.