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18-Wheeler Accidents

18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys in the Abilene to serve the Big Country, Odessa, and Pecos. Every month, there are thousands of injuries caused by trucking accidents. The wrecks are usually severe and can be catastrophic and even permanently debilitating. In one year alone, large trucks were involved in 434,000 accidents. The results of those accidents were 4897 deaths and 130,000 injuries. These staggering numbers were provided by a study conducted by the National Highway Safety Administration.

I-20 runs right through our neighborhood and all the way passed Odessa and into Pecos. From Ranger Hill, Eastland, Clyde, Abilene, to Sweetwater we have a horrible problem with truck accidents. When semi-trucks get into an accident with another vehicle it is usually catastrophic because of the difference in size. If you have been hit by a tractor-trailer do not hesitate to give us a call. The Galbreath Law Firm has a history of success with securing settlements for victims of 18 wheeler wrecks. 

Don't rush to settle! Many times immediately following a truck wreck involving injuries the insurer, and/ or owner of the truck will have investigators at the scene. Likely the injured party may be too dazed by shock or hurt to think straight. Insurers, and/or truck owners are known to gladly offer a settlement that is below what is actually deserving during this time. Galbreath Law Firm double checks ALL the factors in calculating a settlement, thinking of your future financial and medical needs. We work hard for you, and by doing so we make sure you get the settlement you deserve. We are confident in our abilities to do so that WE DON'T GET PAID UNLESS YOU GET PAID.

Attorneys who handle 18 wheeler accidents are well-versed in this heavily regulated industry. The regulations imposed by Federal and State law make claims against truck drivers and trucking companies require certain lawyers with significant knowledge of and experience with these specific regulations.

You need an 18-wheeler accident lawyer who is familiar with the area where it occurred. The Galbreath Law Firm has helped countless people across West Texas get the compensation they deserve. From Abilene to Odessa and beyond, we have lots of experience working across West Texas for decades.

The lawyers at the Galbreath Law Firm are very well-versed in the strict requirements imposed on truck drivers and their loads. Many times, it is not only the driver that is responsible for the compensation that you are entitled to. In some cases, claims may be made against the company for whom the driver works. Those companies will have a vast legal team at the ready to defend their client and try to reduce the compensation you will receive. The Galbreath Law Firm in Abilene has not only the experience but the resources and knowledge necessary to face any legal team in the industry and get you the compensation you deserve.

The 18 Wheeler Accidents Attorneys at the Galbreath Law Firm will see to it that you get the compensation that you are entitled to as a result of the wrongful acts of the trucking company. If you or a loved one has suffered injury in an accident involving a truck, you are entitled to and deserve compensation for complete, competent medical care, reimbursement of lost wages and full compensation for physical pain and mental anguish. You need the experience of the Galbreath Law Firm.

Call the experienced accident lawyers at Galbreath Law Firm for your free first time consultation. We never charge a fee until we win your case. That's how confident we are in our abilities. Act now because the longer you wait, the more difficult your case becomes to prosecute successfully. Waiting to act can only compromise your rights to recover the compensation you need and deserve. Give us a call TODAY.

The Galbreath Law Firm serves clients throughout the State of Texas including but not limited to the cities of Abilene, Sweetwater, Brownwood, Coleman, and Eastland. Counties include but are not limited to Taylor County, Nolan County, Brown County, Coleman County, and Eastland County.

Most personal injury cases accepted on a contingency fee basis which means you owe no attorney's fees unless you recover. Court costs, litigation expenses, and medical bills are paid from your share of the recovery. If there is no recovery, you will not be responsible for litigation expenses advanced by the Galbreath Law Firm. If no recovery, you will still be responsible for your medical bills. If no recovery, you may be responsible for court costs incurred by the other side taxable against you by the judge.Disclaimer